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T minus 2 days…

…and the butterflies have kicked in. I have found three diversions.

1) Repacking my suitcase. Those in the know will recall that I like to pack about a week in advance to  allow for changes of heart.

2) Keeping the Royal Mail in business. Goodies are winging their way to Team Short, Chasm and the Plumbster. Postage is, as always, courtesy of my old employer.

3) Redrafting my Statement of Purpose. Mad props to DeM and Seneca for great editing jobs.


C25K – week 3

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my new best friend

You may have heard whispers, rumours, wild speculations. But, my friends, it is true. I have started running. Willingly. And none of this “twice around the tennis courts” as a warm up for PE.

My old house mate – I shall call her Good Sport to protect her identity – highly recommended the NHS Couch to 5K podcasts. She didn’t lie; they are great. Only 6 more weeks and I’ll (perhaps) be able to run for 5k/30 minutes without stopping. Will keep you updated.

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  • t-shirts (assorted) x quite a few
  • jumpers x as many as will fit
  • trousers x3
  • underwear (including several pairs of woollen socks)
  • smart trousers and shirt (in case of interview)
  • duffle coat with hand-made mittens
  • books x 3
  • kindle x 1
  • ipod
  • laptop
  • knitting roll and several unfinished projects
  • good quality knives x 3
  • US plug adaptors
  • birthday presents for DSpin



Anything I’ve forgotten? Probably.