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My week in coffee

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Approximate caffeine consumption over the last 7 days:

Friday Nov 9:

12pm 1 cup black coffee at Housing Works Bookstore, a wing of a non-profit that supports people living with HIV/AIDS.

7pm 1 cup black coffee and enormous, three-tiered slice of chocolate cake.

Saturday Nov 10:

2pm 1 cup black coffee in between visiting BCGF and the City Reliquary. (See posts passim).

Sunday Nov 11:

8am 2 cups Dunkin’ Donuts coffee to keep warm while helping out the Wounded Warrior Project at the Veterans’ Day Parade.

12pm 1 full fat Coca Cola

Monday Nov 12:

8am 1 Thermos of black coffee placed next to bed by DSpin who is highly praised for his actions.

Tuesday Nov 13:

8am 1 Thermos of coffee placed next to bed.

3pm 1 teeny tiny cup of super strong espresso made by MJ.

Wednesday Nov 14:

8am No coffee for me; DSpin enquires as to whereabouts of Thermos which is still buried in my rucksack.

Thursday Nov 15:

10am 1 cup take-out black coffee from Juicy Lucy’s in the East Village. Accompany with a slice of their banana, hazelnut and choc chip cake. Mmm.

11am 1 triple shot espresso from MJ. It lurks inkily in the bottom of the mug.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and make myself a cup of coffee.


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