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Ladies and gentlemen, Tuesday nights are date nights. Yesterday’s plan was Skyfall at the IMAX on 34th. Oh my.

First, I had to get my head around the gigantic screen. I’d only been to an IMAX once previously, and seen a made-for-IMAX film about the Serengheti. It wasn’t that great. This time we were 5 rows from the front and the screen took up my whole vision. Throughout the trailers I was pinned back in my seat with my eyebrows raised about an inch above where they normally sit. There was just so much to see! Slightly overwhelmed at this point and slightly doubtful that I’d be able to make it through 143 minutes of sensory overload.


The film opens with a car chase, followed by a motorbike chase along the rooftops of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, followed by grappling on the roof of a speeding train. Standard 007 operating procedure. Then Bond gets shot and, for all intents and purposes, dies. Cue opening credits.

Naturally, he isn’t dead. The story then focuses on M, Judi Dench, who becomes the target of computer hacking. The culprit turns out to be a former MI6 agent, Silva, played by Javier Bardem. He is sporting another ludicrous bad-guy haircut (remember No Country For Old Men?)  The dye job didn’t make much sense to me until the film’s denouement when helicopter searchlights and huge fires made him look possessed and other-worldly.

Some cracking one-liners, to be expected, from Kincaid, Silva, Q and Bond. Marvellous set pieces including the opening, the credits (good lord, the opening credits! A work of art! A beautiful colour palette based on the colour of blood in water). A great deal of superb cinematography, particularly towards the second half of the movie.

Lots of shots of Daniel Craig’s magnificent triceps to keep the ladies happy.


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