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Pauline and Sharon’s

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Pauline and Sharon’s: Purveyors of Delicious Pizza. This place does, hands down, THE best pizza I’ve ever had. At $3 a slice, I am told that this is ‘expensive’. Those people have clearly never tried it. A single slice is huge and they cut and place your slice in the oven when you order it so it’s always piping hot. The toppings are generous (I can speak highly of the pepperoni and the vegetable version with spicy salsa) and the base is perfectly thin and crispy.

My current favourite thing to do is grab a slice before taking the R uptown – they’re right by the subway entrance. They get me a slice ‘to go’ and I scurry into the warmth of the subway station, sit down and start my dinner. On two separate occasions I have in fact chosen not to board the R train that arrives in order to better savour my pizza pie. Now that’s a recommendation.

What I am not clear about, however, is why I have only ever seen the two guys above in there. Are they perhaps Pauline and Sharon at the weekend? Or are Pauline and Sharon purely fictitious, like the Green Giant? No clues in the previous owner – then it was called Pepe’s. The plot thickens.


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