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Atlantic Av – immersive aural experience

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Instructions: switch on your speakers. Click here to start playing the track, then read the rest. (You’re after the audio, not the visual).

It’s Sunday evening, around 9pm. You’re on your way back from a meeting.

The connecting passageways at Atlantic Av are usually pretty busy – think Bank/Monument in rush hour – but for some reason there aren’t that many people around.

There’s a tribal sounding beat coming from somewhere.

It’s getting louder as you’re heading toward the R train platform.

Those might be lyrics, but they’re more kind of creepy sounding jungle screams. It’s getting kind of weird. And definitely quite loud.

You’re getting a bit unsettled. It would probably be better if there were more people around,  but the drumbeat and the echoing screams are bouncing off the tiled walls and reverberating around your skull.

Take a moment to experience the weirdness of it all.


You round the corner and encounter The Source. It’s a scruffy looking middle aged white guy sat on a couple of big drums and sort of screaming into a didgeridoo.

NY transit system has some pretty phenomenal buskers, though this guy easily makes my top three.


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