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Midnight on the D train

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P1000742Christmas came early with a trip to the New York Metropolitan Opera last night. Don Giovanni shagged his way through the female populace before being dragged down to hell by the devil. Stirring stuff.

The building that houses the Met Opera is pretty cool – think old theatre meets the 50’s view of the future. Lots of sweeping staircases and quirky curves going on. The chandeliers also deserve a mention – there’s one in the top left looking like a lit firework. They were made of crystal and looked like the kind of thing you might see on the Jetsons.

The D train runs local after 11pm, which means I don’t have to change trains to get home. The highlight of this particular ride home was a Chinese man who got on a few stops after us. He proceeded to stand smack in the middle of the carriage and do what I have always dreamed of – stay upright without holding on to anything. He was really extremely good. I snuck a couple of looks. Here’s what I noticed (in this order):

  • His fists were balled up.
  • He was staring with intensity at a point in the middle distance.
  • The girl who’d got on the same stop as him was looking at him warily.

“What of it?” I thought to myself. “She’s probably just as amazed as I am; this guy is a PRO at balancing.”

I decided to point this out to DSpin.

“Check this guy out!” I whispered. “He’s not holding on!”

“Do you think it helps that he isn’t wearing any shoes?” asked DSpin.


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