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My favourite announcer on the F train:

“Thizziz se’nd av’noo, nexstahp braw’way la-fee-ETTE. Stanclearudda clohsindaws please.”


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Books you never knew you wanted to read vol 1

loves of a girl wrestlerbrought to you from the shelves of the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

“Are wrestling girls merely freaks, or do they know the same warm desires and emotions as other women? How does it feel to be exhibited night after night, clad only in tights, before audiences loose-lipped with bestial, lustful hungers? Can a professional fighting girl experience genuine tenderness, love?…Or does she become brutalized, morally impoverished, sapped of all womanly decency from the sordid exhibitions in which she takes part?

These are some of the questions answered in this daringly realistic novel!”

I’m going to need $25.

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Comic Book Club

ComicBookClubWell, it’s date night but DSpin is in Colorado, probably eating elk. (That is, if he got to the restaurant on time: it shuts at 9pm). Rather than sit in the Bat Cave all evening, I did my usual trick and searched for free stuff to do on Time Out. It never fails and today it came up with a real doozie – the Comic Book Club.

Three comic book fans broadcasting a weekly podcast LIVE from the back room of a bar, along with guests. What’s not to like? This week it was Jordan D White who is an editor over at Marvel. It was suggested (perhaps cruelly?) that he looked a little like the man on the Pringles carton. I thought he looked rather dapper. Anyway, the format of the podcast itself seemed pretty established, and I found myself laughing even though I probably ‘got’ about 30% of the jokes/content. Naturally I now have a long list of back reading to do. White’s ukelele songs were superb, and I truly never thought I’d hear a song sung in Japanese by a cat on a Tuesday night in the Lower East Side. Have a listen to his podcasts here.

But that wasn’t all – oh no. Tonight ABC broadcast the first episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and they played it to us! Right after the show! Then the chaps gave a commentary in the breaks. Brilliant.


Where do you live?

It’s my first knitting circle. Everyone is very friendly. So friendly, in fact, that no one points out to me that the sock I am knitting is quite clearly enormous and completely unfit for purpose.

Knitter #1: So where do you live?

This is the question I have been dreading. Brooklynites get pretty territorial about neighborhoods and where we live seems to be at the junction of three different ones. I attempt to dodge the bullet and give them the street address.

Knitter #1: So which neighbourhood is that?

Knitter #2: It’s Park Slope.

Me: Um, there aren’t really many nannies with prams where I am, so I don’t think…

Knitter #3: Ah – it’s South Slope.

Me: Uh, well, I’m not really sure. I think it might be Gowanus?

Knitter #1: When I moved here in ’73, Gowanus didn’t exist!

Knitter #2: Neither did South Slope.

Knitter #4: Is it maybe Windsor Terrace?

Knitter #1: No! That stops at Prospect Park West.

So that clears that one up then.

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Great signage, vol 6

Remember Pauline and Sharon’s? “Purveyors of delicious pizza” these chaps may be, but sparkling conversationalists they ain’t. They have, however, surpassed themselves with their latest sign printed in 48pt Calibri. I would have taken a photo of it, but didn’t wish to incur their wrath.


If u want a discount then fuck off!!

Not joking

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Reader, I married him…

…and flew back to the USA just over a month ago with an E-2 visa, which will allow me to work. I’m feeling settled back in the apartment, aka the Bat Cave. (Don’t get me wrong – I rather like it here, but there isn’t much natural light). I’m just back from having my biometrics taken at a Remote Location in Brooklyn and am now a step closer to getting my work authorization through. As it can take up to three months to process, I’ve joined the Park Slope Knitting Circle, because knitting is ace. I will be volunteering at any place that will take me. So far:

Bluestockings (a collectively owned, volunteer run anarcho-feminist bookstore on the Lower East Side)

Housing Works Bookstore/Cafe (awesome second-hand bookstore in SoHo supporting people living with HIV and AIDS)

Gowanus Canal Conservancy (attempting to beautify/clean up the toxic mulch that is the Gowanus Canal – see posts passim)

and the Park Slope Food Co-Op, if they’d only let me attend an orientation session.