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Reader, I married him…

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…and flew back to the USA just over a month ago with an E-2 visa, which will allow me to work. I’m feeling settled back in the apartment, aka the Bat Cave. (Don’t get me wrong – I rather like it here, but there isn’t much natural light). I’m just back from having my biometrics taken at a Remote Location in Brooklyn and am now a step closer to getting my work authorization through. As it can take up to three months to process, I’ve joined the Park Slope Knitting Circle, because knitting is ace. I will be volunteering at any place that will take me. So far:

Bluestockings (a collectively owned, volunteer run anarcho-feminist bookstore on the Lower East Side)

Housing Works Bookstore/Cafe (awesome second-hand bookstore in SoHo supporting people living with HIV and AIDS)

Gowanus Canal Conservancy (attempting to beautify/clean up the toxic mulch that is the Gowanus Canal – see posts passim)

and the Park Slope Food Co-Op, if they’d only let me attend an orientation session.


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