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ComicBookClubWell, it’s date night but DSpin is in Colorado, probably eating elk. (That is, if he got to the restaurant on time: it shuts at 9pm). Rather than sit in the Bat Cave all evening, I did my usual trick and searched for free stuff to do on Time Out. It never fails and today it came up with a real doozie – the Comic Book Club.

Three comic book fans broadcasting a weekly podcast LIVE from the back room of a bar, along with guests. What’s not to like? This week it was Jordan D White who is an editor over at Marvel. It was suggested (perhaps cruelly?) that he looked a little like the man on the Pringles carton. I thought he looked rather dapper. Anyway, the format of the podcast itself seemed pretty established, and I found myself laughing even though I probably ‘got’ about 30% of the jokes/content. Naturally I now have a long list of back reading to do. White’s ukelele songs were superb, and I truly never thought I’d hear a song sung in Japanese by a cat on a Tuesday night in the Lower East Side. Have a listen to his podcasts here.

But that wasn’t all – oh no. Tonight ABC broadcast the first episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and they played it to us! Right after the show! Then the chaps gave a commentary in the breaks. Brilliant.

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  1. Thanks so much for coming to the show!

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