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Overheard conversations vol 5

Image10 year old girl on a school trip approaches me drawing one of the figures from a plinth at the Brooklyn Museum.

Girl: I like your drawing.

Me: Thank you.

Girl: Are you drawing with rocks?

Me: No, they’re rubbers. (Mental facepalm at recollection that ‘rubber’ means ‘condom’ here and not ‘eraser’.) I mean, they’re erasers.

Girl: Oh. How do you draw with erasers?


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Crafting like a kindergartner

A little strapped for cash, so had a think about potential money-saving ideas for Christmas. I know, I know, it’s only November. But in a month’s time, December 25th will feel like a distant memory. Inspired by Jack Johnson I thought I’d do a bit of re-using. Mum will be proud.

See  below for some exceptional potato printing. Except I was using an organic sweet potato, erroneously sold to me as a yam. (More information here for those interested in that kind of thing). Does that make it better or worse? I started out just printing some sheets of newsprint for wrapping paper, but then got carried away and started a veritable printing press.