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Overheard conversations vol 5

Image10 year old girl on a school trip approaches me drawing one of the figures from a plinth at the Brooklyn Museum.

Girl: I like your drawing.

Me: Thank you.

Girl: Are you drawing with rocks?

Me: No, they’re rubbers. (Mental facepalm at recollection that ‘rubber’ means ‘condom’ here and not ‘eraser’.) I mean, they’re erasers.

Girl: Oh. How do you draw with erasers?


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Crafting like a kindergartner

A little strapped for cash, so had a think about potential money-saving ideas for Christmas. I know, I know, it’s only November. But in a month’s time, December 25th will feel like a distant memory. Inspired by Jack Johnson I thought I’d do a bit of re-using. Mum will be proud.

See  below for some exceptional potato printing. Except I was using an organic sweet potato, erroneously sold to me as a yam. (More information here for those interested in that kind of thing). Does that make it better or worse? I started out just printing some sheets of newsprint for wrapping paper, but then got carried away and started a veritable printing press.

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The City Reliquary

The City Reliquary is a museum in Williamsburg. Pretty unassuming from the outside, it only takes up two small-ish rooms but is well worth the $5 suggested donation. Every single inch of this place is covered with stuff. Trinkets, memorabilia, bits of rock, hundreds of Statues of Liberty, parasol frames, the list goes on. I present you with a few choice highlights below.


Hurricane Sandy Timeline

(inspired by the BBC News live feed)

Friday Oct 26

1557 – Rachel from White Rabbit Tattoo Studio calls to say she might have to cancel session on Tuesday morning but to keep my phone on. Dismissed as ridiculous.

Saturday Oct 27

1500 – Head out to get DSpin his Halloween costume. Find incredible hipster jacket that fits me.

1525 – Buy jacket. Woops.

1830 – On the R train to Ms Chen’s and the Canal Room’s 80s Halloween Party.

Sunday Oct 28

0230 – Get in. Go to bed.

1100 – Wake up, switch on TV. Bloomberg announces mandatory evacuation of Zone A. Confusion ensues: what zone is our flat in? website has gone into meltdown so can’t tell.

1245 – Zone B.

1247 – Or maybe Zone C?

1249 – This map zooms in. Pretty sure it’s Zone C.

1515 – DSpin heads out to Earth’s Basket to pick up supplies. He points out that, if we happen to die, we’re definitely going to heaven because we bought organic.

1542 – Landlady texts. “I’ve got candles and emergency lights for you guys.” Call her back, she promptly arrives at the door with two sandbags and a bag of goodies. Candles are ‘Vanilla Cookie’ and ‘Winter Wonderland’ scents. Front and back doors sandbagged.

2300 – Head to bed, pretty sure we’re going to get a big storm. Quite excited.

Monday Oct 29

0900 – Some wind. No rain. Sense of disappointment. Begin compulsive viewing of live NYTimes and BBC News feeds. Develop addiction to’s  Hurricane Tracker.

0930 – 1400  – Switch between trying to read, peering out the window, making more tea, religiously checking live feeds, watching Mayor Bloomberg’s press conferences, worrying about when the power will go and charging all electrical items so at least I can play Scrabble against the iPad.

1500 – Winds picking up. Still hardly any rain. Getting bored now. Wish I had gone for a walk in the morning. Realise that I haven’t made it out of the house since 2.30am on Sunday. Comfort self with half a tin of soup and some cookies.

1700 – Pretty much dark outside. Realise that if the storm really does kick off, we won’t be able to see anything much from our basement flat.

1830 – Tune in to Comedy Central. Enjoy re-run of The Colbert Report and try to spot Colbert corpsing. Wind quite loud now. Lights start flickering. Sense of unease. Screen doors banging around the back.

2100 – Turn off lights, start watching All the President’s Men. Engrossed.

2315 – Check BBC live feed one last time. Power out all over the place, tunnels flooded. DSpin shows me a photo taken in Lower Manhattan. Looks grainy and a bit rainy. Don’t really get it.

2330 – Bedtime. Bring emergency light in. Tell DSpin that I didn’t see the point of that photo. He facepalms and explains that the whole of the foreground was dark – no power. Get it now. Fall asleep.

Tuesday Oct 30

0935 – Wake to message from Rachel at White Rabbit Tattoo. She can come in this afternoon. I can’t. Reschedule.

1000 – Reassure friends and family that I am fine.


Hurricane Sandy Experience – rated ‘U’. Contains mild peril.

Also spotted this on the BBFC website: ‘U’ films should be set within a positive moral framework and should offer reassuring counterbalances to any violence, threat or horror.